Bombs went off today at the finishing line of the annual Boston Marathon – at 2:50 PM EDT, 15 April 2013 in Boston, MA.

In this sidereal chart, ascendant lord Sun and Mars are combust in the ninth house. These already-hot planets are further amplified in Aries where they’re respectively exalted/owners. They’re joined in the ninth by Ketu, also considered a hot planet because of its affinity with Mars.

Three inflammatory planets in the ninth house spell religious fanaticism and social disorder through holy war.

Sun, Mars and Ketu make a victim of Venus in the ninth, the object of their direct and collateral damage. As lord of the third, Venus is athletes and their neighbors. As tenth lord, Venus is both society and its governance.

All four planets are in Aries ruled by owner/dispositor Mars. Sun, Mars and Venus are all in Ketu nakshatra. Thus, there is a powerful inter-weaving of Mars/Ketu themes in the ninth – fanaticism and jihad.

Transiting Moon, the barometer of the day, is in Mars nakshatra and Ketu sub. The Mars/Ketu combination is already volatile, and the Sun’s presence fuels it further. Even the ascendant is in Ketu star.

Saturn opposes this stellium from the third, another significator for death among athletes. Rahu there offers a radical surprise for Venus the society.

The only angular planet is Jupiter. As lord of the fifth it represents theater and sports events, as eighth lord it invites tragedy and trauma.

As of this writing, two are dead and 23 injured in Boston. New York and Washington have increased security measures. Organizers of the London Marathon are in close contact with Boston authorities, because the London Marathon is scheduled to go off on Sunday.

There is good cause for concern. On Sunday, Mars will still be combust. Four planets will still occupy Aries. And by Sunday, the Moon will be in a Ketu nakshatra. The heat goes on.