After two bombs took their toll on the Boston Marathon, the heat is now on investigators to find those responsible. Can astrology provide clues?

My earlier post suggested religious fanaticism as the prime motivation, due to the overwhelming influence of combust Mars and Ketu in the Aries ninth house. Pursuing that same line of thought, following are several clues to the identity of those responsible.

(As is customary in Vedic astrology, I write this boldly as if it were truth, when in fact I am simply noting the relevant points of the case in line with astrological theory.)

In this sidereal chart for 2:50 PM EDT on April 15, 2013, in Boston, the ascendant lord Sun in the Aries ninth represents the perpetrator(s). This is likely a mature man (Sun), probably assisted by a younger man (Mars). The notion of two collaborators is reinforced by Moon in Gemini (dual sign) and Moon’s dispositor in Pisces (dual sign).

One or both of the perps will be a university student, possibly in an Engineering (Sun conjunct Mars in ninth) or physics (Sun opposite Saturn in third) program. They have likely been influenced by a zealot (Ketu in Aries ninth) who lives elsewhere than Boston.

They will be found living in close proximity to some garage, machine shop, factory or place where mechanical work is done or machinery is kept. The colors red or burnt orange will be visible on their persons, or their vehicle, or within their immediate surroundings, eg, door, wall, curtains, carpet, etc.

Aside from using traditional astrology as above, we can also draw information via other techniques. For instance, a local space chart maps 360 degrees of horizon surrounding an event. In this system, the positions of the various planets as seen from this location are projected onto the horizon using the coordinates of azimuth and altitude. This gives us a sort of “flat earth” perspective.

Converting the Boston bombing chart to a local space map gives us the relative positions of the planets as seen from Boston, radiating out around the world, conceptually identifying zones of cause and effect.

Note the two tightly-grouped red lines emanating NE and SW from Boston. These are Sun and Mars tightly combust at the time of the twin explosions. Although it may later prove relevant, let’s ignore for now the SW track of these two planets down the Eastern seaboard, exiting the USA via the Florida panhandle.

Instead, see the NE track that arcs over the Atlantic Ocean to England, crosses Eastern Europe and Turkey, and passes through Syria, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and the Gulf States of the eastern Arabian Peninsula. These are the likely origins of the Boston Marathon bombers.

Admittedly, the local space projection of Sun/Mars delineates a broad swath, but it also lights up some decidedly hot zones. This is all the more compelling when you follow its continued track around the world and note that the vast majority of it projects across unpopulated oceans.

Will the perpetrators be caught? Combustion never ends well. Total combustion occurs tonight at 8:20 PM EDT, at which time there may be some sort of break in the case. The Moon enters Cancer (twelfth house of the event chart) just three hours later at 11:23 PM, at which time an arrest may be made.