“Hi, my name is Miley and I’m a twerkaholic. Don’t judge.”

Ever since Miley Cyrus appeared with Robin Thicke on the Video Music Awards, 25 August 2013, the world has been reeling with the image of the tongue-twisting pop tart in flesh-colored short shorts doing the next-to-nasty on prime time network TV.

Shocking, perhaps, but isn’t this what show biz has become in the 21st Century? As talent maven Simon Cowell has pointed out, “I want people to understand that, from the minute Lady Gaga arrived, she created a new set of rules. Being different is good; embrace it.”

So Miley isn’t trying to shock so much as she’s just trying to be different – apparently by dancing to the beat of her inner stripper. But what’s the big deal? This is hardly ground-breaking behavior. She’s just following in the footsteps of a much older shockmeister, Madonna, whose fondness for dancing in her underwear and simulating sex onstage came out during her Blond Ambition tour way back in 1990. Miley was only two years old then!

In any event, Miley Cyrus was born to be a rebel. It’s written all over her chart. She was born 23 November 1992 at 6:37 AM in Franklin, Tennessee.

She has Scorpio rising with Sun, Mercury and Rahu in the first house. The Sun/Mercury combo gives a Budhaditya Yoga, amped up by the presence of an exalted Rahu, suggesting not only considerable cunning on board, but also the charisma to take it to the limit. 10th lord Sun with Rahu in the first makes for a raja yoga that gives ambition, creativity and a strong desire for control.

About Miley’s post-VMA remark, saying she hadn’t really thought about what she was doing up there onstage, don’t buy it. It may have been bad judgment, but it was almost certainly calculated to shock and awe. Typically, the Scorpio-influenced individual isn’t afraid of drama; they suck it up.

With the Rahu-Ketu axis running through her ascendant, we see the classic signature for an innovator and rebel. Such a person can be a ground-breaking genius or just a kook, or anything in between. Many people with this configuration just can’t help doing things – consciously or unconsciously – that call attention to their differentness. The real challenge is to do what delights, educates or inspires others.

With Miley’s ascendant lord Mars debilitated in the ninth, there’s a theme of crookedness at work. Not illegal, but devious. Because of Mars’ very irregular orbital motion, which astronomers were unable to mathematically rationalize until the modern era, it was long dubbed by Hindu astrologers as vakra, the crooked one. Obviously, there’s a double meaning, and Martians can indeed be a little bent, moving in unconventional ways.

Ironically, she may struggle with moral issues on a regular basis. However much her father appears to support her, in her chart every factor related to him is deficient or troubled, suggesting a profound clash of values at some level or another. Crooked Mars is debilitated in the ninth. The ninth lord Moon is dark in the twelfth, aspected by malefics Mars and Saturn in mutual opposition. Karaka Sun scores low shad bala and lies on the Rahu-Ketu axis.

Miley is running Saturn dasa. Saturn is the strongest planet in her chart, and gives her prowess and courage in performance. Saturn dasa started in 2000, after which she began her acting career in 2001. Lagnesh Mars and Saturn (lords of 1st and 4th) form raja yoga. Given the mutual aspect between them, it could reflect a symbiosis of values between Miley (debilitated Mars) and her fan base (swaha Saturn).

Saturn primarily gives the results of its nakshatra dispositor Moon in 12th house Libra. Wherever goes the Moon goes the mind. The 12th is all about moksha and one kind of letting go or another. The 12th reflects pleasures of the bed, so her sexual persona is bound to loom large in this era. Sex is, after all, just another form of liberation and letting go – which could also include image, health, money, soul…

Miley is running Mars bhukti. Because Mars is the ascendant lord, this reflects a significant period for both her image and health. But Mars is unstable – debilitated in Cancer and afflicted by aspect from natural enemy Saturn. Hence, the storm of protest in the wake of her VMA performance, first from the media, then the mothers of America, then her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, finally even gay pop icon Sinead O’Connor.

Is her image tarnished? Yes, to a degree. But she’s following a road that’s already been mapped by uber-iconoclast Madonna and fashionista Lady Gaga, both of whom have garnered mixed reviews for the various things they’ve done in the public eye.

Miley’s Mars primarily gives results for its nakshatra dispositor Saturn. So courage and prowess appear onstage again, ready for the next (mis-)adventure. Miley probably understands that it’s just a question of moving on to the next project. You can’t shoot a moving target.

Dasa lord Saturn transits Libra from November 2011 to November 2014. This outlines a three-year period of sade sati for Miley, when Saturn crosses her moon sign. It can spell a period of mixed reviews, especially since the Moon is natally weak, and Saturn is strong, both natally in Capricorn and by transit in Libra.

On the day of the VMA, bhukti lord Mars transited within a degree of its natal position, invoking a nasty case of debilitation redux. And from the 9th, Mars mutually aspected transiting Saturn in the 12th. This sambandha of traditional enemies echoed the mutual aspect of these two malefics across the 3rd/9th house axis in her natal chart.

Bhukti lord Mars gives results for Saturn, promoting desire and courage and perhaps a bit of reckless behavior. But it’s the combined aspect of Mars and Saturn on the Moon that creates a powerful combination for passion and the sexual behavior that inevitably follows.

What’s next for Miley? Dasa lord Saturn occupies the 3rd house, a kama (desire for pleasure) house. It gives results for its nakshatra dispositor Moon in the 12th house, associated with loss and letting go. Having recently broken up with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, a young girl’s fancy turns to… bed?

Will a scandal result? Perhaps only if Miley and her publicist judge it worthy of revelation.