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Michael Schumacher: an accidental irony

January 2nd, 2014 · 1 Comment · Astrology

Michael Schumacher suffered severe head trauma during a skiing accident in the French Alps on December 29, 2013. As of this writing, he remains in stable but critical condition after doctors performed neurosurgery to relieve pressure from a blood clot in his brain.

The irony is that Schumacher is a seven-time Formula One winner who has driven over 300 races, in any of which he could have died. He retired from racing in 2012.

Schumacher was born January 3rd, 1969, at 1:43pm in Hurth, Germany. His birth chart is neither remarkable nor ominous. His ascendant is aspected by Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. The Sun occupies the 8th house of accidents. The 8th lord Jupiter lies on the RA-KE axis in the 5th house.

Thus, accidents could be expected during periods of the Sun or Jupiter, or of Ketu with which Jupiter is associated. Even more potent would be the periods of planets who occupy Sun or Jupiter nakshatras, of which Mercury is the only candidate.

The accident occurred at 11:07 AM in Meribel, France. (see chart below) Speed was apparently not a factor. Schumacher was crossing a zone between two slopes when he struck a rock hidden by a recent snowfall, was catapulted into the air, and struck some other rocks head-first. The helmet which probably saved his life was broken in two under the impact.

Schumacher was running Mercury dasa, Venus bhukti. According to the KP Method (Krishnamurthi Paddhati), Mercury primarily gives the results of its star lord, Sun in the 8th (accidents). Venus favors results of its star lord, Mars in the 6th which also owns the trikasthana 12th (hospitalisation).

Likewise, as per the KP Method, it’s typical to study the transits of Jupiter, Sun and Moon. Between them, they act as triggers on an annual, monthly or daily basis, respectively. In their transits, they deliver results on behalf of the lords of nakshatras they pass through.

At the time of the accident, transiting Jupiter and Moon were in Jupiter nakshatras. Both therefore “work” for Jupiter, the lord of the 8th house (accidents) in the natal 5th (sports and recreation). Transiting Sun was in a Venus nakshatra.

Aside from being the lord of the 6th house, Venus plays a less-obvious but no less sinister role in Schumacher’s chart, where it is a chhidra graha. This can be one or more planets that own the exact 8th house cuspal point counted from either the ascendant or the Moon. Because of this association with the 8th house, chhidra grahas have the power to do harm

In Schumacher’s chart, his ascendant is 05 Taurus 58. Therefore, the 8th cuspal point from the ascendant is 05 Sagittarius 58. The danger zone within which this degree is contained is called the 22nd drekkana, or the 64th navamsa.

It can be seen via the 8th house in the D3, or the 4th house in the D9 chart. The respective lords thus become chhidra grahas. In Schumacher’s D3, the lord of the 8th is Jupiter. In his D9, the lord of the 4th is Venus.

Similarly, Schumacher’s Moon is 16 Gemini 56. Therefore, the 8th cuspal point from the Moon is 16 Capricorn 56. In Schumacher’s D3, the lord of the 8th from the Moon is Venus. In his D9, the lord of the 4th from the Moon is Mercury.

Thus, out of four possible planets, Venus is chhidra graha twice over. Although this may not be classic KP methodology, I suspect the Sun’s transit though a Venus nakshatra was also contributory to this tragic accident.

Let’s all pray for his recovery.