Someone asked me recently, if astrology is such a well-established science, why can’t astrologers be right all the time?

People hate it when you answer a question with a question, so I said, Do you know why doctors can’t be right all the time?

After all, they typically go to school for a minimum of 18 years, studying a science that enjoys generous university funding and the whole-hearted support of society itself. Doctors are generally regarded the cream of the academic system, with access to a huge scientific literature and massive amounts of research. Plus which, every doctor genuinely wants to cure every patient. So with every possible means and motivation on their side, why aren’t they right all the time?

Because medicine is complicated. Because disease is mysterious – not just physical, but psychological – and dare we say it, karmic.

So why can’t astrologers be right all the time? Is it because most of them in the West are self-taught, thinking that because they’ve read the most popular books of the day, they’re qualified to call themselves seers? Because their Bible is a book written thirty years ago by a self-styled Californian guru who got stoned every morning before sitting down at the typewriter to cook up some interpretations about an asteroid discovered a few years earlier? Because they’ve taken a hundred hours worth of courses from teachers who also learned from books written by starry-eyed hippies?

By contrast, my teacher studied one-on-one for 14 years under an Indian guru who played a composite role of drill sergeant, professor emeritus and psychologist. My teacher learned Sanskrit so that, under his guru’s guidance, he could read and understand the scriptures of Jyotish (Vedic astrology), a system with a history that predates any other ancient astrology. And then went on to provide thousands of readings in a 30-year career the like of which no other western astrologer has rivaled.

In every course I’ve taken with him, he’s repeated a mantra: “Learn the basic principles, practice them and have faith in them. You can’t be right all the time, because you’re only human. But stick to the principles, and you’ll be right 75% of the time. And in so doing, you’ll out-perform the weathermen, the economists and the psychics.”

To look into a client’s birth chart, analyze it, and translate this two-dimensional map into a four-dimensional counseling and predictive session involves science, art and God-given talent honed through much study, practice and devotion. Let’s not kid ourselves for a minute. This will never be easy. Even if we have good teachers, study all the right books, and pray every day for mental clarity, we can never be right all the time. Looking into the soul of a person and predicting the future is God’s work. He guards it jealously.

But in the land of the blind, even the one-eyed man can be King.