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Charlie Sheen: Two and a Half Demons

February 28th, 2010 · 7 Comments · Astrology, celebrity

sheen_23Charlie Sheen checked himself into rehab last week, bringing a suitcase of personal effects, a pair of monkeys on his back and apparently a lot of unresolved issues. Despite being the most highly-paid actor in television today, the star of Two and Half Men still can’t find what he’s looking for.

Sheen was born September 3, 1965, at 10:48 PM in New York. The two horoscopes below (one North Indian, the other western) are both shown with positions in the sidereal zodiac.

Sheen has Taurus rising with the nodal axis running through his first and seventh houses. Whereas Palin & McCain had to fake it for their run at Presidential Office, going rogue comes completely natural to Sheen, since the nodes suggest aberrant and rebellious behaviour. Becoming one of Hollywood’s bad boys was no stretch for this actor.

chart-charlie-sheenSheen’s ascendant lord Venus is debilitated in the fifth house Virgo. Among other things, the fifth indicates the individual’s state of mind, and Venus is a karaka (significator) for sex. Whereas Venus in the fifth can be romantic, a debilitated Venus can be downright randy. Interestingly, from a mythic point of view, Shukra (Venus) was the guru of the demonic Asuras who revelled in intoxication and fornication.

In 1993 Sheen was named in the Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss scandal, after which he confessed to being a regular patron of her escort services. In 1997 he admitted once having five women in bed at the same time, and according to Maxim magazine, is reputed to have had 5,000 lovers!

Sheen’s seventh lord Mars is in the sixth house, a dussthana or problematic house, while his Venus and Mars are in an inimical two/twelve relationship. Marital life has never been, and likely never will be, simple for him.

sheen-richards_2In 1990 he accidentally shot his fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm; they broke up soon after. He married Donna Peele in 1995 and separated 14 months later. In 2002 he married Denise Richards but divorced in 2006. He married Brooke Mueller in 2008 but on Christmas Day 2009 was arrested on a charge of domestic violence.

Both diet and substance abuse are seen through the second house. Its lord Mercury is afflicted by two powerful malefics Sun and Saturn, whose natural enmity and opposition imply a self-destructive person giving the finger to a society that applauds his work ethic while still expecting him to grow up one of these days.

booze4Addictions are seen from the self-undoing of the twelfth house. Its lord Mars is in the sixth, a dussthana, from which it aspects its own house, fueling a love of “pleasures of the bed” and “loss of consciousness”.  Eighth lord Jupiter also aspects its own house, further fanning the flames of sexual desire and indulging the senses via the Moon in the eighth.

Sheen is currently running the dasha (planetary period) of Mars, whose placement in the sixth is problematic, while its ownership of the seventh (relationships) and twelfth (addictions) makes these matters something of an ongoing battle.

The bhukti (sub-period) is Saturn, so it is indeed time to apply the brakes on this runaway locomotive. Saturn is strong in his chart, ruling both the ninth house of personal ethics, and tenth house of profession, so perhaps with the counsel of a mentor behind the scenes there’s hope for him to curb his appetites. At the pinnacle of the TV mountain, now is not the time to blow it.

sheen_3a1Problem is, he’s type-cast himself in the role of a weak character. Ascendant lord Venus is debilitated and first house occupant Rahu is debilitated. Furthermore, transiting Saturn is in sidereal Virgo for the rest of this year and next, weighing down on his libidinous and self-indulgent Venus. So let’s pray for him in overcoming his demons, but don’t be surprised to see him shuffling back and forth between rehab and a tenuous marriage for a few more years.

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  • Denna Piersol

    Fascinating perspective- thanks for that- I found your website by searching Google and didn’t anticipate such first-rate enlightenment- Nice job!

  • damien

    His rahu and ketu are exalted and Vargottama — meaning there in the same sign in the D-9 chart.

    This is why he’s famous and has all luxuries in life!

    • Alan

      Damien –

      Oh, if only it were that simple. Lots of people have RA/KE in TA/SC in both the rasi and the navamsa charts, and they aren’t all famous. Perhaps a little mathematical exercise would be illustrative:

      A planet in a fixed sign will be vargottama (in the same sign in the D-9) only when it is located between 13deg20 and 16deg40 of that fixed sign. That span of 3deg20 is 1/9 of a whole sign. As you may know, RA/KE take about 18 months to transit a sign. So when they are transiting fixed signs Taurus/Scorpio, they will produce vargottama for about two months (1/9 of 18 months) when they are in the range indicated above.

      If your theory were that simple, everyone born during that continuous two months would be famous, because they would all have all RA/KE in TA/SC of both the rasi and navamsa. But as we know, that’s just not true.

      Fame usually arises from a confluence of several natal factors in the chart that enable the potentiality, and then the person needs to run favorable dasa/bhukti periods that bring that potential into fruition.

      – Alan

  • san

    Hey I noticed two things.

    1. Isn’t Rahu exalted in taurus instead of being debilitate in the 1st house

    2. Just beside the booze image, It says addiction are seen from self undoing of 12th house. Its lord mars placed in 6th

    Doesn’t the placement of dushtana house lord in another dushtana produces vipareet yoga. Furthermore with the 5th aspect of jupiter from 2nd house I dont think the cause of addiction is this.

    • Alan

      Thank you for your comments.

      There are different schools of thought on exaltation/debilitation signs for RA/KE. Some astrologers use GE/SG. while others use TA/SC. My teacher’s guru applies the latter rule: RA/KE are exalted/debilitated in the signs opposite to that of the Moon’s exaltation/debilitation. Therefore, RA/KE are both exalted in Scorpio, and both debilitated in Taurus, the opposite to the Moon.

      Re addictions, there is more than a single principle. I’ve explained one in the article. (I should have added that L12 MA also aspects the Lagna.) Another is that an afflicted 2H will lead to bad “nutrition.” In Sheen’s chart, L2 ME is sandhi and doubly afflicted by SU/SA. Yes, JU in the 2H is a positive influence on both principles. Perhaps that’s why Sheen can “digest” so much smoke, alcohol and cocaine without (yet) killing himself.

      Re Viparita Yoga, the single instance of a dusthana lord in a dusthana house is so common that it hardly merits being called a Viparita Yoga. My teacher rejected such instances as too commonplace and demanded to see a “mala” of such occurrences (all three dusthana lords in dusthana houses) before granting it the distinction of being a full-blown Viparita Yoga. And again, there is another variety of Viparita Yoga, which time and space don’t allow me to explain here.

  • damien

    Hey can I give you my birth time and can u analyse my chart? Or at the very least tell me what career I should follow? I just graduated from high-school in June, trying to figure my life out.

    • Alan

      hi Damien –

      Please see my website page Consultations for information on my services and fees.

      – Alan