Although he later became a helicopter pilot, Prince Andrew in his youth was never able to fly below the radar of the British tabloids because he was such an obvious target. Before getting married, he was relentlessly tracked by the paparazzi for the sheer number and diversity of his dates – college girls, actresses, models, pedigreed daughters of the landed gentry, etc – topped off by a soft-porn American actress with whom he vacationed but subsequently remained friends over the years.

After active service as a helicopter pilot during the Falklands War, and his homecoming to accolades for his derring-do, Andrew seemed to settle down, and eventually married Sarah Ferguson. But although the Royal Family loved her, domestic bliss was not in the stars for them. As Sarah herself later joked, she was relegated to staying home with their two daughters, and “passed the time watching videos while he frolicked with 27 concubines.”

Prince Andrew might have 99 problems, but apparently lack of libido was never one of them. His horoscope presents multiple challenges for anyone who might have wanted a quiet life of monogamy in the style of the Queen. For starters, he has a Kala Sarpa with Rahu in the 3rd bhava, Ketu in the 9th. This is a relatively rare Class 2 version wherein no graha shares the signs in which the lunar nodes are found, and yet there is an unoccupied sign between the nodes.

Rahu in the 3rd, one of the kama-sthanas, can invoke unbridled desires, while Ketu in the 9th is sometimes indicative of a cavalier attitude toward ethics, morals or the law. Given other corroborative evidence, it can set the stage for darker drama to unfold somewhere down the road. And in the realm of personal relationships, there are several potential pitfalls.

Mars exalted in the 7th bhava creates Ruchaka yoga. Although this can indicate courage and military prowess, it can also suggest a bit of a rogue, for Mars is forceful and lusty in the house of relationships. Joined with Venus in the 7th, yogakaraka Mars creates both a Raja and a Dhana yoga, but also a classic combination for sexual passion. The “bad boy” Mars is in exaggerated condition (exaltation) and in such close contact with “good girl” Venus that he follows her into the navamsha.

Venus in the 7th incurs the jeopardy of karako bhavo nashto, wherein the karaka of relationships is also found in the house of relationships. Note that both Venus and the 7th house are hemmed by malefics. From the perspective of the lagna, Papaadhi yoga is formed by a chain of malefics – Saturn, Mars and the Sun – in the 6th, 7th and 8th bhavas. This “collective” of malign energies is gathered up in the pair of 7th bhava occupants and thereafter “beamed” across the horoscope into the lagna. One might say that the problematic passions engendered by the Mars/Venus pair then boomerangs back to afflict Andrew himself.

The 7th lord Saturn has itself gone to the 6th bhava, doubly dire for marriage and partnerships, since not only has the 7th lord gone to a dusthana in absolute terms, but it’s also in a dusthana relative to its rulership, ie, gone to the 12th from the 7th. And swa-rashi Jupiter in the 6th is no help to the marriage because 6th lord Jupiter here represents a competitor, the “other woman” who would conspire to subvert the marriage.

Although Andrew is currently laboring under the weight of his own personal history and previous nicknames – the party prince, Royal wastrel, and shagger-at-large – there are precedents for such behavior in his genes. His great-great-grandfather, Edward VII, for example, was one of the most celebrated playboys in Europe, dedicating his life to horse racing, yachting, carousing and – above all – mistress-bedding. Coincidentally, King Edward also had a Kala Sarpa configuration in his horoscope.

Serpents are known to cohabit and mate in swarms, so it’s perhaps no surprise that other Kala Sarpa types should also turn up in Andrew’s life. Both his father, Prince Philip, and his brother Edward, have Kala Sarpa configurations. Likewise, Donald Trump, with whom the prince occasionally socialized. So too does Ghislaine Maxwell, the former British socialite and close confidante of financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Pictured at the top of this article is Prince Andrew with Ghislaine Maxwell, and his arm around Victoria Giuffre, a young woman he once claimed never to have met, but obviously did encounter at one of Maxwell’s meet-and-greet parties.

Prince Andrew is currently playing hide-and-seek with Giuffre’s legal representatives, who are trying to serve him with papers in a lawsuit alleging he had sex with her when she was only 17 years of age. Giuffre further alleges she was originally recruited by Maxwell after their meeting at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Logo club, and coached by her on how best to satisfy the sexual demands of Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew was a guest on several occasions at Epstein’s home in Manhattan, and at his mansion on a private island in the Caribbean, where many other rich and powerful men were often in attendance with multiple “young women” who were legally underage. Epstein died in jail in August 2019, ostensibly of suicide, after having been arrested on charges of sex trafficking of minors.

Ghislaine Maxwell was herself arrested in July 2020 by the FBI, after almost six months of keeping her whereabouts secret and thus eluding legal efforts to have her served papers in lawsuits pertaining to multiple charges of procurement, facilitating prostitution, and sex trafficking of minors. She is currently in prison awaiting trial. Her birth chart has already been fully discussed in a previous post, but it’s worth recapping the highlights here in comparison to Prince Andrew’s.

As noted, she too has a Kala Sarpa configuration, albeit a more common Class 4 type wherein at least one graha (the Moon in her case) lies outside the degree span between the lunar nodes. Like Prince Andrew, however, her nodal axis runs from the 3rd to the 9th, with the similar consequences of powerful desires versus a cavalier attitude regarding morality and the law.

Her horoscope offers an abundance of passion combinations. The “good girl” Moon is in mutual aspect with “bad boy” Saturn, meanwhile lying on the nodal axis wherein both Rahu and Ketu also function as “bad boy” proxies. Like Prince Andrew, she too has a Mars/Venus pairing, wherein Mars is exaggerated due to combustion. In her chart, the placement of 1st and 7th lords (romantic Venus and lusty Mars, respectively) in her 8th bhava is just another indication of powerful sexual impulses at work, especially considering how populated that bhava is. 

Aside from their proclivity for sexual liaisons of a dubious nature, Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell have other mundane things in common. Both are beneficiaries of family money, Andrew receiving an annual allowance of a quarter million pounds from his mommy, and Ghislaine enjoying the comforts of a trust fund income courtesy of her late father Robert Maxwell’s media empire estate. And since both know how to pilot a helicopter, it’s natural for either of them to assume they could extricate themselves from whatever tight spots Fate might land them in.

As it stands today, however, that prospect is rapidly fading. Legal authorities in America have denied all of Maxwell’s requests to be released on bail, since as a holder of three passports – one of them from France which does not extradite its citizens – she is regarded as a distinct flight risk. Meanwhile, the walls are closing in on Prince Andrew, who is now so alarmed at his state of jeopardy that he’s considering firing his entire legal defense team.

At this juncture, it would be natural for readers to wonder, what about his Viparita yoga? Will it allow him a loophole whereby he might escape a highly-embarrassing public trial, perhaps via a public apology to Giuffre and an out-of-court financial settlement to assuage her psychological pain of this last decade and more…?

First, let’s confirm if he has a bona fide Viparita. Kalidasa’s Uttara Kalamrita (4:22) defines Viparita Raja yoga as being formed under two different circumstances.

  1. Type A has three different options: (a) lord of the 6th in the 8th or 12th bhavas, (b) lord of the 8th in the 6th or 12th, and (c) lord of the 12th in the 6th or 8th. In other words, the lord of a trikasthana must go to another trikasthana not its own, thus a trik lord in its own house does not qualify.
  2. Under a Type B formation, any two of those three trik lords may be related mutually by conjunction, mutual aspect or exchange of signs, and they can form sambandha in any bhava(s) whatsoever.

In either case, the trik lord(s) in question should not at the same time have any influence from other (non-trik) planets, although they can be associated with the nodes who own no signs. Critically, at least one of the trik lord(s) creating the yoga must exhibit strength of some kind, whether exaltation, retrogression, digbala, or swa-nakshatra.

In Prince Andrew’s horoscope, 6th lord Jupiter and 8th lord Saturn are associated in the 6th bhava. This is a Type B formation of two trik lords, and there is no collateral contact with any other graha. Furthermore, at least one of them is strong, since Jupiter is swa-rashi. Therefore, this is a full-blown and robust Viparita Raja yoga.

Andrew is currently running Venus dasha, which solicits results for its nakshatra dispositor, the Sun. As lord of the 2nd bhava in the 8th, this is a literal “loss of face” for the Royal Family, and will almost certainly incur major financial “penalties” of some sort. Until the Spring of 2023, he is running Mercury bhukti, which solicits results for its nakshatra dispositor, Jupiter. This evokes the key graha in his Viparita yoga, and may indeed pave the way for some sort of rescue from his monumental jeopardy.

At the same time, however, Mercury may bring out some of the worst of what his chart has to offer. Ever since his bumbling and unapologetic performance in a public TV interview a few years ago, Prince Andrew’s public relations campaign regarding this looming scandal has been dismal. Mercury rules the “mild” dusthana of the 3rd bhava, plus the loss-making trikasthana of the 12th, meanwhile occupying the scandal-making 8th bhava. Notwithstanding the influence of the Crown, neither the public nor the judiciary is likely to be swayed in its quest for justice in the #MeToo era.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and even those in its shadow dread the changing of the guard. This is likely to become very messy.


Alan Annand studied with Hart deFouw. He’s a graduate of the American College of Vedic Astrology and a former tutor for the British Faculty of Astrological Studies.

He’s also the author of several books. Kala Sarpa is a first-of-its-kind reference text on a unique pattern in jyotisha that is not discussed in shastra yet is part of India’s rich oral tradition. Stellar Astrology, Volumes 1-3 offer a wealth of time-tested techniques via biographical profiles, analyses of world events, and technical essays. Parivartana Yoga is a reference text for one of the most common yet powerful planetary combinations in jyotisha.

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