naomi-35Earlier this month, super-model Naomi Campbell was again involved in an attack on an employee when she allegedly slapped and punched her limo driver, one more in a series of over-the-top demonstrations of her temper, which Campbell blames on her “lingering resentment toward her father who abandoned her as a child.” Yikes! With super-models like this, who needs Mike Tyson?

More allegations: In 2008 she assaulted a police officer and bad-mouthed British Airways cabin crew after one of her bags was lost. In 2007 her housekeeper required stitches after an attack for which Naomi later pleaded guilty to reckless assault. In 2006 she hammered a housekeeper with a jewel-encrusted mobile phone, and was named in another lawsuit by yet another housekeeper who called Campbell a “violent super-bigot.” In 2005, she slapped an assistant and beat her around the head with a BlackBerry, and in 2000, assaulted another assistant with a telephone.

chart-naomi-campbellNaomi Campbell was born 22 May 1970 at 1:00am in Streatham, England. Her mother was a ballet dancer who became pregnant at age 18 and was deserted by Campbell’s father just months after her birth. Campbell has never met her father but has adopted several father figures throughout her life, including Quincy Jones and Nelson Mandela.

Campbell’s chart is a good “anger management” case study. Both the Sun and Moon are afflicted by the aggressive Mars, but this only represents her tip-of-the-iceberg behaviors. Lying at the heart of her discontent is a weak manas – the emotional mind that governs our perceptions of, and reactions to, the world around us.

naomi-6The manas is indicated by the fourth house – the seat of one’s psychology. Problems are shown via (1) the presence or aspect of Saturn or Rahu on the fourth house, (2) weakness of the fourth lord, and (3) weakness of the Moon, the karaka or significator of the emotional mind.

In Campbell’s chart, ascendant lord Saturn sits in the fourth house. Because Saturn is debilitated in Aries, this constitutes a fundamental source of angst and frustration for her. Saturn represents distance, denial, and potentially depression, and since it’s associated with Mercury, the ninth lord indicating the father, therein lies one seed of her discontent.

The fourth lord is Mars, and although it’s not weak in any obvious way, it is sandhi, within the last degree of a sign, implying a transitory edginess. And when we consider the Moon, we see it’s in mixed condition – both full and debilitated – but afflicted by aggressive Mars.

naomi-11Given this toxic stew of frustration and resentment, how is this likely to manifest in Campbell’s life? Substance abuse is seen through the second house. There we see the poisonous Rahu, while second lord Saturn is debilitated. By her own admission, Naomi has been pushing the envelope with drugs and alcohol since her early twenties, when she started the dasa of Venus, the planet of bhog or self-indulgence.

Although now approaching 40, Campbell has never married. Both ascendant lord Saturn and seventh lord Moon are debilitated, and in a 6/8 relative position to each other. The Moon is doubly afflicted by hot Sun and Mars, and no planet aspects the seventh house to soften its isolation. Finally, Venus, the karaka for relationship, sits in the sixth house, a dusthana, where it receives only aspects from retrograde Jupiter in the tenth and debilitated Saturn in the fourth. Good for career, not so good for relationships.

naomi-7What lies ahead? Sun dasa starts in 2012. Sun is a multiple significator for the eighth house of dislocation, trauma and transformation. On a mundane level, danger from accidents and/or surgeries gone wrong; on a personal and professional level, time to re-invent herself. Until then, let’s hope she sticks with the (AA) program and learns to pull some of those punches.