Most people never think about it, but every day of the week is associated with one of the seven visible planets. Our ancestors acknowledged their role in our lives, and named the days in their honor.

Sunday, named for the Sun, is associated with power. It’s the day to pursue ambitions, organize events, seek favor from authorities, extend reasonable loans, advance education, sign or register documents, and enter business partnerships related to administration or government. Planning a coup? Make it a Sunday, when the President is sleeping in.

Monday, for the Moon, supports nurturing. It’s a good day to socialize with women and youngsters, use intuition, pursue romance, make public speeches, travel by water, buy or sell food, household articles and ornaments, or start a business related to hotels or restaurants. Love your Mom? Buy her a new dishwasher on Monday.

Tuesday (French: mardi), deferring to Mars, often entails conflict and cruelty. So it’s the day to fix targets, take action, give orders, administer discipline, file lawsuits, declare war, purchase land, or start a business related to machinery, engineering, or heavy transport. Hate your siblings? On a Tuesday, file a lawsuit alleging mental cruelty.

Wednesday (French: mercredi), honoring Mercury, invokes communications and commerce. It’s the day to write letters, sign documents, memorize things, gather new ideas, engage in commerce, study, make speeches, purchase lottery tickets, stocks or bonds, or start a media-related business. Writing a bestseller? Whip it off on a Wednesday.

Thursday (French: jeudi), favoring Jupiter, is about luck and creativity. It’s the day to ask for favors, pursue legal matters, religion, philosophy, invest in your future, create a child, travel, enter contracts including marriage, or start a business related to travel, education or publishing. Starting a new religion? Publish your manifesto on a Thursday.

Friday (French: vendredi), in honor of Venus, favors arts and luxuries. It’s the day to entertain, pursue romance, use charm to further your ambitions, be artistic and creative, purchase jewelry and ornaments, decorate, buy a vehicle, or start a business in fashion, art, cosmetics, or entertainment. Declaring your love? On a Friday, buy your sweetie a jewel-encrusted luxury vehicle.

Saturday, on behalf of Saturn, brings aging, labor and the unpleasant realities of life. It’s the day to assume responsibilities, take your time, expect delays, make long-range plans, or start a business related to mines and metals, insurance, agriculture, antiques, funeral homes. Digging for gold? Break ground on a Saturday.

Seriously, how can you use such information in a practical way? A general rule is to take care of the “dirty work” on days of the malefic planets – Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday. But if you want to negotiate anything or ask for favors, choose a “communication” day of the benefic planets – Wednesday or Thursday. Or if you want to promote love or affection, choose a “relational” day of the benefic planets – Monday or Friday.

This especially applies to weddings. Marriage is about love and affection, and the traditional choice of Saturday is practically the worst day of the week, because Saturn is cold and distant, exactly the opposite of marriage’s objectives – closeness and warmth. So if you want marriage to last, try to schedule the wedding for a Friday, the day of Venus ruling affection, love and sexuality. And don’t forget the diamond-studded sports car.