Vedic Astrology & Palmistry

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People seek consultations for many reasons. Some are just curious to know what their birth chart says about their karma, their life purpose, their future. For them, a once-in-a-lifetime reading can provide the big picture of their life.

Most clients know they’ve arrived at a crossroads in life, and are looking for which way to turn. They may not know what to do or when to do it, but they always benefit from the unique insight astrology brings to their situation.

For others with active personal or professional lives, a periodic consultation is a way to stay abreast of life’s dynamic changes. No matter what the context, astrology helps people gain perspective, and thus illuminate possibilities.

Personal benefits

  • assess your basic psychology, with strengths and weaknesses
  • understand how family dynamics shape your present and future
  • identify your unique talents, skills and qualifications
  • assess your prospects for lasting personal relationships
  • determine your prospects for children and family life
  • evaluate your potential for health versus illness
  • assess your prospects for career achievement and recognition
  • determine your compatibility with specific individuals
  • identify spiritual inclinations and practices

Professional benefits

  • assess your capacity to acquire the education you need
  • choose the right profession for personal and financial success
  • assess your money management potential – earning, saving, etc.
  • identify and select appropriate business ventures
  • assess and select key personnel to work with you
  • determine when to buy and sell property or securities
  • evaluate the compatibility of prospective business partners
  • identify periods of financial growth, consolidation or instability

Services & fees

Most consultations involve astrology and palmistry in a 70/30 proportion. I conduct this in plain language and focus on the needs of the client. I keep jargon to a minimum unless the client expresses an interest in such details.

I prefer to conduct readings face-to-face, which allows me to use palmistry as well as astrology. However, I also provide distance consultations by phone and Skype, covering the palmistry part via digital photos clients send by email.

Fees for my services include the consultation, all applicable sales taxes, and a MP3 digital recording of the entire session for your records.

  • 90 minutes for US$200. (CDN$250) There’s a lot to discuss in an initial consultation, so this is the option recommended for first-time clients. In this session I’ll cover the client’s major life themes, strengths and weaknesses, and discuss relationships, career and other topics of interest. I’ll also map out your key life periods, forecast trends and events, and address the many questions that arise in a first session.
  • 60 minutes for US$150. (CDN$200) The one-hour consultation is typically for follow-up sessions, either annually or as required to re-assess relationships, career, etc, and resolve miscellaneous questions. It is also available to first-time clients on a budget, or for clients who’ve already had a first-time session with a Vedic astrologer.
  • 30-minutes for US$100. (CDN$125) The half-hour consultation is for repeat customers only, typically available to discuss single subjects, or resolve a specific question.

Birth data requirements

To prepare an accurate birth chart, an astrologer needs:

  • Birth date. Spell out day, month and year to avoid the confusion arising from differences in international date formats.
  • Birth time to the minute if available, indicating AM/PM, and whether near noon or midnight. Don’t adjust for Daylight Saving Time.
  • Birth place, ie, town, province or state, and country. If born in a village, indicate nearest large town.

Please make every effort to acquire your correct birth time. Don’t rely on mother’s memory that you were born “early in the morning” or “just after dinner.” Seek your birth time in this order of priority:

  • Birth certificate from the hospital where you were born. Hospitals vary widely in fees they charge and years they retain birth records, so inquire sooner than later.
  • Baby book in which your mother or family member might have recorded (to the best of their memory) your birth time and other birth data.
  • The recollections of family members. But don’t accept these without first trying to get the written records!

Although it’s possible to prepare a valid birth chart without the birth time, figuring out the correct ascendant demands extra work, and may cost extra.

Hand analysis

Palmistry, or Hasta Samudrika, is the science of the symbolic markings in the hand. Introduce yourself as an astrologer in India, and people will offer their hands for review because they know astrology and palmistry are inextricably linked. In a typical consultation, I spend 30% of the time on palmistry, the balance on astrology.

Clients seeing me in person usually bring their hands along with them. But for long-distance clients who’d also like to have their hands analyzed, I need a digital photo from a camera or cell phone.

Take a picture of the front of each hand – palm side, from wrist to fingertip. Indicate which is dominant (typically, the hand we write with). Take the photo in good light with the hand in a relaxed state, not flexed widely open.


I generally see clients weekday afternoons (1:30 or 3:30 pm) or early evenings, or Saturday at 10:30 am. Please email or call with agenda at hand. (See Contact page for email and phone info.)


I am not set up for credit card payments. First-time clients should arrange to pay in cash. Distance clients must pay in advance via:

  • Interac email transfer. All Canadian banks provide on-line options to send payments via email. The sender indicates the recipient’s email address and the transfer amount, and provides the answer to a security question so the recipient can complete the transfer. Bank service fee is generally free of charge.
  • PayPal. Applicable to all American and international clients. Client should pay service charge, approximately $5.00.
  • Bank-to-bank transfer, on exception, for reasonable cause only.

Office locations


  • 134 Browning Ave, Toronto, M4K 1W3
  • Riverdale/Greektown, a 10-min walk from Chester subway


  • Queen Elizabeth Health Complex, Room 262
  • 2111 Northcliffe, Montréal, H4A 3L5
  • Notre-Dame-de-Graces, a 3-min walk from Vendome metro

Distance consultations

Appointments follow my schedule (as above) with allowance for time zone differences. I make all long-distance phone calls within North America. Elsewhere in the world, we’ll likely conduct the session on Skype.


To get an idea of how consultations have helped other clients, whether in relationships, career or forecasting, please see my Testimonials page.