“I found my astrology reading very worthwhile and I think you have a great talent. I had many “ah-ha” moments, where you helped me understand the direction my relationship is going.”

“That was such a thorough reading! I was very impressed with your accuracy regarding my health, relationships and career. I’ll look at the stars in an entirely new light now.”

“Thank you for the insight you gave to my son. Now less anxious about his future, he was inspired after meeting you to re-evaluate his current choices regarding school and career.”

“Last summer you said the next two years were excellent for writing and publishing. Since then, I was interviewed for a book on psychics and mediums. And then, with no previous experience, I was offered a film contract as a script editor and consultant. It never ceases to amaze me that when the time is right, anything is possible!”

“Your analysis of my adult children was right on, especially regarding my relationship with my daughter. You’ve given me insights most of my psychiatric colleagues would find incredible.”

“Two years ago, I was invited to invest $250K in a new hotel/casino. The promoters said I’d double my money in seven years. You warned me they weren’t solvent, and I would lose my money. Against my own inclinations, I passed on the deal. Last week, the news broke. The casino has filed for bankruptcy, and investors are recovering only seven cents on the dollar.”

“Thank you so much for your interesting, informative and helpful astrological analysis. You sized me up fully and hit the nail on the head in every respect. Clearly you have a very special gift.”

“I came to see you for my 40th birthday in June 2004, concerned with relationships (or lack thereof). Your prognosis was… not until October 2006. My response was, “What? Another 2 years, 4 months?” Well, the wait has been worth it. Although it’s now only Xmas 2006, every day since 14th Oct 2006 has been a blessing. My new boyfriend is intellectually stimulating, a great communicator, responsible, great morals, great support, the list goes on and on, but you get my drift! I don’t know what the future holds, but he’s my present.”

“Just wanted to thanks again for your excellent and accurate reading. You are amazing. The reading was very insightful and put many things into perspective for me. I will gladly recommend you to my friends.”

“I really appreciated our session. I think you’re very humble, skilled and clear-minded in your insights. You confirmed some of my intuitions and gave me many interesting pointers. Since your reading of my chart, I feel more relaxed and confident in general.”

“Thank you so much for the reading – especially, even though it wasn’t on my agenda, your heart-felt advice regarding my husband’s state of health. Since then, he and I had a long discussion (he was suffering in silence) regarding the proper course of action. He’s further discussed with his doctor and is now embarked on a detox program. He sends his thanks.”

“You gave me a wonderful reading last June, when I’d asked if/when I was going to meet someone. You told me, “The first week of December.” Six months later I was on the verge of going to Australia when I met him. We now live together, very much in love, and I am very happy. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for your talent. I miss your astrology classes.  I’m recommending you to all who are open-minded and interested.”

“After my consultation with you, now I really want to learn Jyotish!”

“One of your predictions proved very accurate. Last winter I moved from Vancouver to Calgary to help an under-staffed and under-performing office. You’d told me I had a “trouble zone” in Alberta, and to be careful I didn’t end up in a group with questionable goals. Well, that was right on! Although my work in Vancouver (a “success zone”) was joy-filled, my fortunes declined in Calgary, where the manager, a corrupt and deceitful woman, had made life a misery for her staff. When I tried to help, it only got me into trouble. Thank God it was, as you predicted, only temporary.”

“Thank you for selecting an auspicious court date. I had a positive outcome on July 4th and it went in my favor as you said it would. As good a lawyer as I have, there was, even by her admission, an element of luck and timing involved. Thank you!”

“I must admit that, since my consultation, it has taken a lot of energy to process the information that I received. You had predicted that my brother would have kidney problems and this week he passed a kidney stone! I didn’t think this would really be so exact.”

“Awesome stuff – it’s so much me it’s scary.  Thank you very much.”

“After your reading I felt that you were extremely gifted and a very giving loving person. You knew exactly what was happening and where I was, even down to the thoughts that were running through my mind as possible things to manifest. That was very confirming, the process was working and you were channeling just what you needed to.”

“I found our conversation interesting, useful and illuminating. Even though I had some intuitive understanding of my own purpose and destiny in life, you gave me beneficial insights and practical advice that I know will be useful.”

“I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful session and tell you what a good job you had done.  It was more than I expected as you were extremely precise, professional, dedicated, kind, sensitive and caring. I felt very comfortable with you.”

“Alan, your prediction that I would be wealthy through my business has come to pass. Thanks!”

“I was very impressed by your reading and probably even more when I got home and realized that you were right in more things that I had thought.”

“Thank you so much! You’ve helped bring light to areas in my life that were truly hidden from my awareness.  In both my career and relationships, I look forward to living up to my potential.”

“Wow! Your reading was very different from what I had either expected or experienced from other astrologers. I like your approach and value your evident mastery of your subject.”

“I can barely find words to express the gratitude I feel for your reading last month. Your advice has rocketed me to a level I could never imagine.”

“Thank you for the very powerful and enlightening session we had on the phone yesterday. I’ve been digesting all this material since we spoke, and for the first time in a long time, I feel excited about my future.”

“You’re the best astrologer in Toronto!”

“The palm reading I received from you a few years ago was very insightful and accurate. Since then I found the confidence to write a book. Blessings!”


Thanks for the amazing talk on karma! (Debbie)
Alan is a very good speaker and broke down complex ideas well. I learned quite a bit about the different types of karma and how it applies to life. Overall, I enjoyed it. (Eric)
I learned a lot from the karma workshop… great speaker!! and quite approachable. Alan was very nice to talk to and quite helpful!! (Linda)
Very complex and very thorough. I had no idea there were so many different types of karma. Good lesson in general karma. I will definitely attend the second workshop of this series. (Lidia)
I really enjoyed listening to Alan. He was very knowledgeable and approachable with questions. Looking forward to the other workshops presented by him. (Cindy)

Great palmistry workshop….very informative. (Shelly)
Alan was really knowledgeable and was an interesting speaker. I really enjoyed the workshop and am interested in attending more. (Val)
It was good being able to interact and get up and move around. Learning more about palmistry was great. (Krista)
A nice group of people who asked interesting questions which Alan answered with clarity and insightfulness. (Creatrix)
Excellent introduction to palmistry and well presented by Alan. People also asked great questions. Organized, enjoyable and informative. (Eric)
Very informative – it would be interesting to take the full course that Alan teaches & get a more in depth understanding of palmistry. (Deborah)

It was really interesting. I’d love to hear more. (Val)
Alan is a great teacher who explains things in a way that’s practical and easy to understand. He has a good sense of humour. It’s obvious he has much experience in the field, yet he doesn’t “lord” it over you. He is very open to questions and tries to accommodate all differences of opinion, while at the same time staying on topic. Overall a great workshop series. More, please! (Kimmy)
Very informative workshop. I learned a lot about Astrology. (Shelly)