In a recent post on Instagram, while expressing sympathy for other women who’ve borne the same trauma, Sharon Stone revealed that she has “lost nine children” through miscarriages over the years.

Although men are inevitably acquainted with and affected by such tragedies, nothing quite compares to the grief experienced by a prospective mother who’s carried a baby within her own body, only to lose it at some stage during the pregnancy. Sadly, Stone noted, women are often made to feel that losing a baby is “something to bear alone and secretly with some personal sense of failure.” Her public comments were meant to acknowledge the physical and emotional trauma of such misfortunes, and to urge greater social support for women who find themselves in such circumstances.

From an astrologer’s point of view, this naturally raises the question as to whether such difficulties vis-a-vis childbirth can be foreseen through the prospective mother’s horoscope. Although Sharon Stone’s birthtime is not officially documented, it has been rectified by Sy Scholfield, whose rectifications appear with great frequency in the data profiles of the popular website AstroDataBank (, based on other comments made by Stone re her tropical ascendant, Moon and Sun signs. Hence, the birth data used for her (Rodden Rating C) is 10 March 1958, rectified time 17h55, in Meadville Junction, Pennsylvania. Let’s assume for the moment that this was a successful rectification, and consider the resultant sidereal horoscope as shown below.

Note first that Stone has a Kala Sarpa configuration. One of the basic premises of such a pattern is that it can function as an amplifier for whatever else exists in the horoscope, whether positive or negative. In the present instance, let’s focus strictly on the prognosis for children.

Note that her 5th lord Jupiter, which is also the universal karaka for children, has gone to the 3rd bhava, a so-called “mild” dusthana. Although Jupiter enjoys some strength by virtue of its brightness during the retrograde phase of its orbital cycle, note how it lies entirely under the sway of Rahu. Not only is Jupiter aligned with the nodal axis, but it also occupies Swati, a nakshatra of Rahu. As such, the matter of children is very much under the sway of Rahu, whose function is to disrupt, jeopardize and traumatize the natural affairs of any house lord or natural significator with which it enjoys sambandha.

If we look at the 5th bhava itself, we find the natural malefic Saturn, absent any relieving aspect from any benefic in the chart. Not only is Saturn naturally obstructive, but in Stone’s horoscope, it is also a functional malefic ruling the 6th bhava. To top off the negative influences, note as well that Saturn occupies Moola, a nakshatra ruled by the other chaya graha and natural malefic Ketu.

Thus far, we should note that the 5th lord and karaka Jupiter, and the 5th house occupant Saturn, all reside in nakshatras ruled by the lunar nodes. Indeed, even Rahu and Ketu themselves are swa-nakshatra, being placed in Swati and Ashwini, respectively, a coincidence that further enhances the power of the chaya grahas to wreak unanticipated trauma upon the object of their attention.

Finally, note that by virtue of her natal Moon in 07o51 Scorpio, Stone was born into a Saturn dasha which, according to one guideline for analyzing Kala Sarpa, could highlight some of the life themes invoked by such a start to life. Her debilitated Moon occupies the 4th bhava of domesticity, happiness and motherhood, meanwhile ruling the 12th bhava of loss. Since the Moon launches the life cycle from a Saturn nakshatra, this too invokes some of the themes we might anticipate from a natural/functional malefic in the 5th bhava.

Aside from loss of one’s natural children, there’s also the notion of adoption, since the Moon rules the (foreign) 12th bhava and Saturn itself is a karaka for foreigners. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily imply that adopted children must come from foreign countries, but only that they come into the native’s life from elsewhere. For the record, Stone has three adopted children, as seen in the lead photo.

Although it’s highly risky to place undue weight on any of the amshas/vargas when the horoscope is based upon a speculative birth chart, for the exercise, let’s take a look nonetheless at Stone’s saptamsha ruling the affairs of children.

Somewhat remarkably, Stone’s saptamsha reveals a Kala Sarpa pattern as well. Although we must keep in mind that any amsha is only a symbolic map of the grahas in the sky, as opposed to a representational map of their zodiacal placements, it does suggest a certain synchronicity, what the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called “a meaningful coincidence.” Further note that Saturn, the lagnesh for this saptamsha, lies on the nodal axis, and is therefore afflicted. Furthermore, under the rules of amsha vichara formulated by the late mathematically-trained jyotishi Seshadri Iyer, Saturn is also afflicted by its “sole enemy” the Moon. (For those unfamiliar with Iyer’s work, every graha has a sole enemy, which is the sixth period lord away from any focal graha in the Vimshottari dasha cycle.

Bottom line, this Saturn, which obstructively occupies the 5th bhava of Stone’s horoscope, is afflicted by both the nodal axis and its sole enemy in the saptamsha ruling the affairs of children. Furthermore, in this saptamsha, Saturn is unrelieved by the association or aspect of any other benefic — Mercury, Jupiter or Venus. And although we can’t be sure if Saturn is really in the 12th bhava of the saptamsha, since the saptamsha lagna changes every 20+ minutes, the facts of her life lend credence to the synchronicity of this pattern. As such, this saptamsha is a potent symbolic map for Stone’s overall prognosis regarding childbirth.

In the end, we must acknowledge her compassion and empathy, and applaud her public declaration of “sisterhood” in sharing her personal experience regarding one of the most traumatic physical and emotional events a woman can face in her life.


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