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Kala Sarpa: the astronomical rationale for “dosha”

February 1st, 2019 · 2 Comments · Astrology, Instruction, Science

At the core of the mystique surrounding Kala Sarpa is the existential question: is it a yoga, or is it a dosha? Does it promise success or threaten destruction? That question can only be answered via yoga vichara, the careful analysis of a configuration in order to determine its nature, its strength, and its ultimate […]

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Kala Sarpa: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

November 30th, 2018 · No Comments · Astrology, Instruction, Publication

“If the Sun and Moon would doubt,” poet William Blake once wrote, “they would immediately go out.” As for me, there were times over the past 18 months when my own vision blurred, and I doubted whether I could write a book on Kala Sarpa that would do justice to its myth. But as it […]

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Ted Bundy, criminal chameleon

July 4th, 2018 · No Comments · Astrology, Crime

The weird thing about Ted Bundy, people later reflected, was that he never looked the same from one photograph to another. Even in person, he had the ability to metamorphose, with a glance or a turn of his head, from someone of charming intelligence to one of cunning violence. Criminal investigators later attributed his chameleon-like […]

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Kala Sarpa Yoga

April 2nd, 2017 · 10 Comments · Astrology, Instruction

Kala Sarpa Yoga is not discussed in classical shastra. Rather, it arises from an oral tradition, probably with roots in South India. Some say it’s Tantrik in origin and, perhaps because of that, is subject to significant differences in interpretation. Some describe Kala Sarpa as a major flaw in a birth chart, a dosha which foretells loss […]

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