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The Ashley Madison affair: Venus & Mars are not al

The Ashley Madison affair: Venus & Mars are not alright tonight…

In 1975 Paul McCartney sang, “A good friend of mine follows the stars: Venus and Mars are alright tonight.” But as of this week when a hacker group made public the customer database for the Ashley Madison website, Venus and Mars are not alright. In fact, they’ve been up all night fighting… For those who […]

Book Review: “Scorpio Rising”

Book Review: “Scorpio Rising”

Book review of “Scorpio Rising” by Michael Laughrin ( in his North American Jyotish Newsletter (August/September 2011) There are dozens of different varieties of mystery novels, and I have read at least 2000 of them. Some of these books feature ex-cops who have become PIs (private eyes). Some mysteries, mostly written by British female authors, […]