Judging penis size by comparing index & ring fingers: 

If your friends have ever questioned the value of your studying the esoteric arts, your moment of validation has arrived. Korean researchers have determined that, compared to the index finger, the longer the ring finger, the longer the penis.

Several other scientific studies had previously already discovered a correlation between finger lengths and prenatal exposure to sex hormones. It’s this simple: the greater prenatal exposure to estrogen, the longer the index finger; the greater exposure to testosterone, the longer the ring finger.

In palmistry, the index finger is associated with Jupiter, and correlates with good judgment, ethics, literacy and teaching, to name but a few attributes.

On the other hand (palmistry pun intended), the ring finger is associated with the Sun, and correlates with demonstration of prowess (eg, athleticism and sexual vigor), numeracy and risk-taking.

In the average woman’s hand, index and ring fingers are equal in length. In the average man’s hand, the ring finger is marginally longer, reflecting the greater presence of testosterone. The greater the ratio between ring finger and index finger length, the greater the manhood.

Researchers from UC Berkeley created a stir in 2000 when they reported that lesbians tended to have a ring/index ratio more typical of men. Unfortunately, no such bias exists to differentiate straight/gay men. For help with that, ignore the fingers and check out the nails. And the shoes.

As in all matters related to astrology and palmistry, single indicators of a condition suggest only a bias. Additional evidence is sometimes required to, um, fully flesh out the thesis.

Carpe penem.


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