Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter was taken off life support on 26 May 2009, after being accidentally strangled by a cord dangling from a treadmill machine.

Former world heavyweight champion Tyson was born 30 June 1966 in Catskill, NY, but his birth time is unknown, thus denying astrologers the opportunity to calculate an accurate birth chart.

In the absence of a birth time, Western astrologers typically prepare a chart for noon or sunrise, the latter of which would place the Sun in the Ascendant. Vedic astrologers, noting that the Moon moves faster than the Sun and is therefore a more potent individuating factor, prefer to rotate the birth chart until the Moon is in the first house.


This produces a Chandralagna (Moon as Ascendant) chart, in which the tragedy of Tyson’s daughter’s death can be clearly seen. Note that all sign references are with respect to the sidereal zodiac as used by Vedic astrologers.

With the Moon as Scorpio Ascendant, Saturn occupies the fifth house of children. The fifth lord is Jupiter, which is combust the Sun and placed in the eighth house, a dusthana, or destructive house.

Instead of progressions, Vedic astrology employs a unique system of planetary periods, a fixed cycle of karmic consequence dictated by the position of the Moon at birth. Tyson was in a dasha (major period) of the Sun, and the bhukti (minor period) of Jupiter.

Natally, the two are conjunct in the eighth house of death, and Jupiter, which is not only the lord of the fifth but also the karaka (general significator) of children, is the one that suffers under the Sun’s combustion.

Specifically, the second child of a parent is indicated by the seventh house (sibling to the first child). Here, the lord Venus is in its own sign, but is afflicted by the association of malefic Mars strong in its own nakshatra, and the third-house aspect of malefic Saturn, also strong in its nakshatra.

At the time of death, transiting Saturn was in Leo, from whence its tenth-house aspect upon natal Venus set the stage. Transiting Sun, considered a malefic, was exactly on Tyson’s natal Venus, significator of his daughter. To cap it all off, transiting Moon was in the eighth house with natal Sun and Jupiter, the major and minor period lords.