Demi-monde: The jet set; people who live hedonistic lifestyles in a conspicuous manner, seeking pleasure via drinking, drugs, gambling, promiscuity, and high spending on fashion, cars and houses. Did someone say, Hollywood?

Recent tabloid coverage on Demi Moore has her spiralling out of control like a water skier whose speedboat has cut her loose. Not that she was getting a free ride from Ashton, but now he has horsepower to spare, and is recklessly making waves.

Demi Moore was born at 2:16 PM on November 11, 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico, a place made famous before her time by the purported crash of an alien space ship in the vicinity.

Demi Moore’s birth time was taken from Note all planetary positions are with respect to the sidereal zodiac, as per Vedic astrology.

Demi was born to teenage parents who divorced, and she attended 30 different schools in the course of 48 domestic moves. Her step-father committed suicide when she was 16.

Demi’s 7th house lord Sun is debilitated in Libra in the 9th. This implies a fundamental weakness in relationships, perhaps an underlying issue regarding father figures. When the Sun, significator for the father, is found in the 9th house also signifying father, this creates bhavo karako nashto, roughly translated as “the significator of something in the house ruling the same thing destroys the thing itself.” Although a step-father would technically be found in the 4th house (8th from the 9th), here we consider it simply as “fathers” of any kind.

Demi dropped out of school to start modelling, did a nude layout for OUI magazine, and played in the daytime soap “General Hospital.”

Venus in Libra in the 9th house forms Malavya Yoga, archetype for an artist. Although combust, Venus is strong via its retrogression. It participates in ‘passion combos’ with Mars and Saturn who aspect it, while its angularity from both Moon and Sun increases its influence.

After a brief marriage to musician Freddy Moore, with a high life of drugs and booze followed by rehab, she was engaged to marry Emilio Estevez but cancelled at the last minute.

Lagnesh (ascendant lord) Saturn is in its own sign in the 12th house, opposed debilitated Mars, and on the Rahu-Ketu axis. Saturn forms a raja yoga with Mars, but in a dusthana (house of destruction) its affliction threatens addictions, lawsuit and sexual entanglements.

In 1987 she married Bruce Willis with whom she had three daughters. Her film credits gradually increased, including the hit “Ghost” and the bomb “Striptease”, for which latter Hollywood paid her a record $12.5M to strut her beautiful body.

Demi was born on a full moon, giving charisma and public appeal. Moon and Mars are in Parivartana Yoga, an exchange of lords of 3rd and 6th houses. This suggests a daredevil, a person of adventures and misadventures, who also succeeds in career, thanks to Mars’ rulership of the 10th house.

After more than a decade of marriage, Demi and Bruce divorced, and she retreated from Hollywood to raise her daughters in Idaho. She enjoyed two years of stable relationship with a local martial arts instructor before meeting Ashton Kutcher, 15 years her junior.

Demi’s 7th house of relationships gets mixed reviews. Its lord Sun is debilitated, and influenced by many planets – strong benefics Moon and Venus versus malefics Mars and Saturn. The 7th house is itself aspected by Jupiter, and Venus, the strong relationship karaka, is afflicted by three malefics.

Demi and Ashton married on September 24, 2005, but after rumors that he was seeing other women, she filed for divorce in mid-November 2011.

Compatibility between the two is very difficult. Each Ascendant (mundane habits) is square to the other. Each Moon (rapport) squares each other. Each Sun (values) is square, and each Venus (sexuality) square. In fact, all 16 points of comparison are negative – a striking prognosis for failure.

Since the New Year, she’s been reported as grief-stricken, depressed, drinking, indulging in drugs, and partying like a frat girl on spring break. On January 23, 2012, she was rushed to hospital after a severe reaction to an unnamed substance.

She’s been running Jupiter dasa since January 2006. Jupiter gives the results of its nakshatra dispositor Rahu, which occupies the 6th house with debilitated Mars. The main concern during this period (aside from relationships) is her health, and she could end up back in rehab in 2013. But Rahu also associates with the Mars/Saturn raja yoga, so watch for a career comeback in 2014-15.