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The Mathematics of Yogas, part 6: Viparita Raja Yoga

June 1st, 2017 · 2 Comments · Astrology, Instruction, Karma

Viparita Raja Yoga Not every cloud has a silver lining, but when it does, it provides an example of how Viparita Raja Yoga works. This yoga operates on the principle that, effectively, two wrongs make a right. For the mathematically-inclined, this is like multiplying two negative numbers and getting a positive, as in (-2) x […]

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Mathematics of Yogas, part 5: Dhana Yoga

March 1st, 2017 · Comments Off on Mathematics of Yogas, part 5: Dhana Yoga · Astrology, Instruction, Science

It’s a truism in the medical world that the best guarantee of longevity is to be born to healthy parents. For those who take their health for granted, the next-most-desired aspect of a perfect life is to be born rich or, if that’s not possible, with a birth chart containing multiple wealth yogas. Although there […]

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The Mathematics of Yogas, part 1: Pancha Maha Purusha, Chandra Mangala, Maha Bhagya

May 26th, 2016 · 5 Comments · Astrology, Instruction, Science

As astrologers, we routinely scan astrological charts looking for yogas. If we’re observant, we’ll notice that some yogas turn up frequently, while others turn up only rarely. And if we’re mathematically-inclined, some of us might ask ourselves, what are the odds of seeing this or that yoga? But if you’re not inclined to engage in […]

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