Chris Christie, contender for the Presidential nominee of the Republican Party in the 2024 election cycle, is spoiling for a fight. And not just in the contest for Republican Presidential nominee. On July 13 he told Piers Morgan in an interview that he could even take Donald Trump in a real UFC-style fight, and “I’d kick his ass.”

Meanwhile, back in the real world of July opinion polls, the GOP contenders are Trump at 53%, DeSantis 21%, Pence 6%, while Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy and Christie are all clustered around 3% support. Admittedly, Christie is way down in the current polls, but down does not mean out.

For anyone who doubts how much polls can change over time in the run-up to a national convention when party delegates choose their Presidential nominee, we need only look back to the 2008 Democratic nominee cycle. In early 2007, Hilary Clinton had a clear lead in the polls, coming in at 33%, while Barack Obama and John Edwards were tied around 13%. Everyone thought Clinton was a shoo-in. But then Edwards was implicated in an extra-marital scandal and lost support, to Obama’s benefit. And over the course of the year, Obama overtook Clinton to become the Democrat’s Presidential nominee, and went on to beat John McCain in the 2008 elections.

America loves an underdog, but does the Republican electorate love Christie enough to nominate him over Trump as their Presidential nominee? More to the point in the context of this article, does Christie have a horoscope that could make him the Republican nominee?

Christie was born September 6, 1962, at 12h23 EDST in Newark, New Jersey. He served as Governor of New Jersey for eight years, and offered his candidacy to be the Republican Presidential nominee in 2016, but dropped out after a poor showing in early primaries. Initially a supporter of Trump, he later became a harsh critic following the January 6th Capitol attack.

His horoscope shows promise. The Pancha Mahapurusha yogas are perhaps the most esteemed in Parashari jyotish, wherein one of the five true planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn) occupies its own or exalted sign in a kendra. In general, they are markers for leadership, and Christie has two such yogas. Malavya yoga, formed by Venus swa-rashi in the 1st house, suggests an individual with charisma, integrity and a strong sense of personal identity. Sasha yoga, formed by Saturn swarashi in the 4th house, suggests someone with a good education, a moral foundation and a deep-felt connection with constituents and country.

Christie has no Raja, Dharma-karma or Dhana yogas, but he does have a handful of other positive yogas. Kesari yoga, formed when the Moon and Jupiter are in mutual kendras, occupies the 2nd and 5th houses. In this pattern, it can manifest as a skillful communicator, public orator, or policy advisor.

Saraswati yoga arises when Jupiter, Venus and Mercury enjoy strength while occupying a kendra, trikona or the 2nd house. In Christie’s case, it’s not perfect but it is serviceable. Jupiter is retrograde in the 5th, Venus is swa-rashi in the 1st, while Mercury is exalted but in the 12th. In many instances of this yoga, however, Jupiter and Venus carry the day, and so long as Mercury is not in a miserable state, the yoga is functional. And by functional we mean, the individual exhibits intelligence, acquires education, and can be considered something of a pundit.

Christie also has a Shubha-kartari yoga, formed when benefics flank the lagna. Here, we have Venus swa-rashi in the 1st, an exalted Mercury in the 12th, and a debilitated Moon in the 2nd. Note, however, that the Moon’s weakness does not negate this yoga, but only diminishes it to some degree. As a general result, Shubha-kartari can be thought of as a protection, something that shields the individual from harm.

Finally, there is a Suparijata yoga, formed when the 11th house and its lord are well-placed and supported only by benefics, meanwhile untroubled by malefics. In Christie’s case, his 11th lord Sun occupies its own sign, and is aspected only by Jupiter. Suparijata bestows friendship, social contacts and general success in life’s endeavors.

Now let’s circle back to Christie’s debilitated Moon. Is it a problem, and if so, how much of a problem is it the context of securing sufficient popular appeal to take on Trump? Certainly, given its debilitation in the 2nd house, Christie has evidenced a disposition for speaking harsh truths about the former President’s character, personality, behavior and suitability for office. That takes courage, knowing much of Maga-world will hate him for it. But it also positions him as virtually the only candidate who dares to speak his mind.

If we put the Moon to the test in terms of neechabhanga, it doesn’t meet the threshold, since its only saving grace is the strong condition and placement of Venus which owns the sign (Taurus) in which the Moon itself would be exalted. As a consequence, the Moon’s debilitation is not remediated, and remains a weakness.

Does the Moon participate in any Raja yoga? No. Does it participate in any other positive yogas? Yes, Kesari yoga and Shubha-kartari yoga. Therefore, we can say that it may constitute something of a weak participant in both.

As a consequence, those two yogas may be thought of as stressed-out or battle-weary. Kesari yoga grants him the schmooze factor, the ability to connect with people, and function admirably as a public speaker, but people may not like what he says. Shubha-kartari grants him some protection from criticism but, like every politician, he probably has skeletons in his closet, and something could emerge to tarnish his image. Together, these spoilers might prevent 10th-lord Moon from taking a larger stage.

Does Christie have the astrological signatures for leadership and governance? Typically, we’re looking for strong links among the 5th house for portfolio management, 9th house for legislative policy, and the 10th house for governance, and/or links among their respective lords. Literally, none exist. Therefore, he is forced to compete on the strength of his two esteemed Mahapurusha yogas. But is that enough?

He’s currently running Moon dasha, Mercury bhukti. Moon is the lord of his 10th, debilitated and without remediation. Mercury is lord of his 9th and 12th houses, exalted but in the 12th. Neither seems particularly promising. However, the Moon is in a Saturn nakshatra, and Saturn forms that esteemed Sasha yoga. On the other hand, Mercury is in a Moon nakshatra, and that brings us back to some uncertainty. Looking down the road just a little, Ketu bhukti powerfully evokes Saturn, but that’s in August 2024, long after the GOP will have lined up behind its nominee.

Between now and then, there will be spirited debates among the Republican Presidential nominees, and God willing, maybe even an Ultimate Fighting Championship between two heavyweights – Don the Con and Corpus Christie.

Bring out the popcorn!


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