The movie Barbie continues to break box-office records, having recently topped The Dark Knight of the Batman series to become Warner Brothers biggest movie ever at the American box office, earning over $537M and counting… Needless to say, the Mattel group is also giddy with delight at the reception of the movie, with potential sequels, theme parks, etc, already being discussed. And Margot Robbie’s take from all of this? Between acting and producing credits, she’ll bank a cool $50 million, and well-deserved at that!

Over the years, the Australian actor has been adding one credit after another to her growing resumé. A few years back, Forbes named her as one of their “Top 30 under 30” to watch. Since then, she continues to earn accolades. For her acting, she’s twice been nominated for an Academy Award, and has received four Golden Globe Awards, as well as five British Academy Film Awards.

Margot Robbie was born on 2 July 1990 in Dalby, Australia. But on first sight of her horoscope, using the birth time of 0745 as provided by Astrodienst, I had immediate concerns about her birth time. Every astrologer hates to see an ascendant in the very first or last degree of a sign, since that means, with an “error” of five minutes or less, the horoscope might have a different ascendant. In Robbie’s case, that birth time of 0745 rendered a sidereal ascendant of 00CN01, literally one minute of arc into the sign. And that horoscope was rather “ordinary.”

However, if she were really born just one minute of clock time earlier, she would have late Gemini rising. Entertaining that possibility, I then proceeded to apply the rectification techniques that I favor, and arrived at a rectified birth time of 0741, which produced an “extraordinary” horoscope with ascendant of 28GE58.

The first thing we notice are the well-populated kendras, including Mercury in its own sign in the ascendant. This creates Bhadra yoga, one of the highly-esteemed Pancha Mahapurusha yogas indicating a “great person.” It is often found in the horoscopes of actors, athletes, models, or anyone else whose success depends to some degree on their physical appearance, personality, or charisma. Additionally, recall that Mercury in strength facilitates some of the better qualities of this classic vaishya graha, ie, street smarts, commercial instincts, deal-making, negotiating, etc. Think of Arnold Schwarznegger, who enjoys a similar pattern, and you get the idea.

In addition, this double strength Mercury (swa-rashi and digbala) lies at the nexus of a multitude of beneficial yogas. As both a kendra and trikona lord, it combines twice with kendra lord Jupiter (also digbala) by association to form two Dharma-Karma Adhipati (DKA) yogas. It also combines twice with trikona lord Saturn to form two more DKA yogas, one of which (L4/L9) constitutes a true Raja yoga.

Mercury with the Sun in the ascendant also forms Budhaditya yoga, a mark of intellect. Mercury also contributes to the making of a Saraswati yoga wherein all three benefics are strong – Mercury swa-rashi and digbala, Jupiter digbala, and Venus swa-rashi. As per shastra, the strict definition of Saraswati yoga requires that all three be strong in kendras, trikonas or the 2nd house, but in many instances such as here we find Saraswati present “in spirit” without being perfected “to the letter.” So long as Jupiter is strong and well-placed, and the other two benefics are strongly supportive, one minor shortfall won’t necessarily negate the promise of the yoga.

Aside from these yogas involving Mercury, Robbie also has another pair of DKA yogas formed by the mutual aspect between kendra lord Jupiter and trikona lord Saturn wherein one of those (L9/L10) constitute a true Raja yoga. Again, these yogas are robust because Jupiter has one source of strength (digbala) while Saturn enjoys two sources of strength (bright/retrogression and digbala).

Speaking of digbala, Phaladeepika states that a horoscope with two, three or more grahas with digbala, absent any weakness, constitutes a Raja yoga, and goes on to say that four or more such grahas is extraordinary! In Robbie’s case, we have Mercury and Jupiter with digbala in the ascendant, Saturn with digbala in the 7th, and Mars with digbala in the 10th. Extraordinary, indeed!

To validate this rectified horoscope, we can review both the circumstances and the major timelines of Robbie’s life.

When she was just a child, she was enrolled by her parents in circus school, and by age eight had received a certificate of proficiency in gymnastics. Over the years, she has gone on to demonstrate any number of other athletic skills. She has performed many of her own stunts in her movies, including boxing, gymnastics, martial arts, and holding her breath underwater for five minutes. For a period during her Brooklyn residency, she played on a women’s hockey team in an amateur league.

In her horoscope, 3rd lord Sun occupies the ascendant with that powerful Mercury wherein lagnesh in the lagna often reflects physical mastery. Meanwhile, Mars the karaka of athletes and sports aspects the ascendant and ascendant lord.

During her youth, Robbie was very self-motivated and hard-working, at one point during high school carrying the workload of three different jobs. In support of this, note three malefics in the kendras, all of which influence her ascendant – the Sun in the 1st for initiative and organizational skills, Saturn in the 7th for disciplined and sustained effort, and Mars in the 10th for sheer energy.

Note also that the Sun and Mars are both kshatriya grahas, giving her a natural instinct for command and control, something that eventually came into play years later when she began to expand her professional role from acting in movies to producing them.

Over the course of her career, she’s also received kudos for her linguistic skills. For different movies, she mastered accents from Brooklyn, Appalachia, and the Pacific Northwest. Although these are all English dialects, their quirks mark them as almost “foreign” to some ears. Note that her 2nd lord (of language) is the versatile Moon in the 5th house of acting, meanwhile in the nakshatra of Rahu. Furthermore, the Rahu/Ketu axis runs through the 2nd and 8th houses, another signature for competency in a “foreign tongue.” This verbal facility has almost certainly aided her in the many inevitable negotiations of her career thus far.

In June 2008, having just begun her Jupiter dasha, Robbie was accepted for a role in the Australian soap opera Neighbors, thus launching her acting career. Note that Jupiter is lord of her 10th house. It is often said that the most significant times of a person’s life occur during the periods of planets that own or occupy the 1st and 10th houses.

The movie Wolf of Wall Street, which really jump-started Robbie’s career in American cinema, was completed during Jupiter-Mercury, the lords and occupants of key kendras in her horoscope. The movie Suicide Squad, which also won her more fans, came out in Jupiter-Venus, a bhukti during which she also got married. Note that one of the general rules for timing marriage involves the activation by occupancy or rulership of the 12th house of “bed pleasures.” In this case, Venus is both lord and occupant, making it particularly potent.

In 2018, Robbie bought the movie rights to Barbie from the Mattel group, a gambit that in light of the movie’s remarkable box office success seems to have been incredibly prescient. She subsequently found a scriptwriter to write the movie, and marshalled all the necessary talent and financial resources to get it produced. At this point we can be reminded that her chart showcases a Bhadra yoga, multiple Dharma-Karma Adhipati yogas, a Budhaditya yoga, and a modest Saraswati yoga, all riding on the strength of her superlative Mercury, a vaishya graha that epitomizes business acumen, deal-making, negotiations, etc.

At the time of the rights purchase, she was running Jupiter-Moon. As per Nadi astrology and Krishnamurti Paddhati, the Moon gives results for its nakshatra lord Rahu, which in turn acts as a proxy for that powerful Saturn in the 7th house, a signature for tough negotiations. And the Moon also gives its own results, which as the 2nd lord in the 5th, reflects the financial speculation that was required to forge such a deal.

In 2019 she began to work as producer – on the comedy series Dollface, movies Birds of Prey and A Promising Young Woman, and the Netflix series Maid – all of which provided critical experience to undertake the subsequent responsibility of producing Barbie. This started under Jupiter-Mars, again in the conjoined periods of angular planets, and segued into Jupiter-Rahu. Note that bhukti lord Mars has digbala in the 10th, aspects the lagna, and rules both the 6th and 11th houses, two bhavas that are highly valued in KP for their ability to succeed in the face of competition.

In July 2022, Robbie began her Saturn dasha, under whose bhukti the Barbie movie was released to enormous box office success. As per Nadi and KP, Saturn periods produce results for its star-lord the Sun, so this again invokes the power of a kshatriya graha to advance her role as a producer. Meanwhile, Saturn generates results on its own account, which invokes three Dharma-Karma Adhipati yogas when combined with Mercury and Jupiter.

In short, the stellar configurations that arise from her horoscope, which subsequently validate her professional circumstances and timeline, are powerful testimony to the likelihood of a Gemini ascendant.


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