Ghislaine Maxwell, now under arrest and suicide watch, has fallen from the privileged perch she once held as alleged procurer of girls for the pleasure of powerful men. Maxwell is the long-time intimate of Jeffrey Epstein, who supposedly killed himself in jail last August awaiting sentencing for sexual abuse of multiple underage women. Maxwell and Epstein were party pals with such luminaries as Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and many, many more.

It’s a fact of nature that snakes mate in swarms, so it’s no surprise to discover that Ghislaine Maxwell has a Kala Sarpa horoscope, as does Donald Trump and Prince Andrew. For the uninitiated, a Kala Sarpa configuration is one where half of the chart lies empty on one side of the nodal axis defined by Rahu and Ketu. Hers is a Class 4 type, the most commonly occurring (6.5%) of the lot, wherein a planet (Moon in her case) remains within the sign occupied by the node, yet lies outside the degree of the nodal axis.

Assessment of any Kala Sarpa begins with the house positions of the nodes. Think of the nodal axis as a bar magnet, with compulsive attraction at the Rahu end, and ambivalent repulsion at the Ketu end. Rahu in the 3rd often reflects a talent for communication, liaison and marketing which, coupled with Rahu’s natural charisma and capacity for manipulation, can produce the modern equivalent of a snake oil salesman. On the flip side, Ketu in the 9th reflects an absent, remote or weak relationship with one’s father, whose very character may erode another 9th house theme – morality and the law. Thus, Ketu in the 9th could be summed up with an attitude of, I recognize no moral authority, so nobody tells me what to do.

Analysis of Kala Sarpa next requires an assessment of the planets ruling the nodes. Here, both nodal dispositors are powerful – a full-ish Moon in its own sign with Rahu, and Saturn in its own sign with Ketu. But the Moon’s presence on the nodal axis spins this into dosha territory, wherein flaws of some sort or another contribute to the detriment of the individual. The nodes, after all, are natural enemies of the luminaries because of their power to eclipse them. And since the Moon is a general indicator of the perceptions and personality, the nodal presence makes her twitchy, shadowy, dark…

The dosha theme is further reinforced by the presence of greater malefic Saturn on the nodal axis, and the aspect of lesser malefic Mars on Rahu. Thus, the nodes, and therefore the Kala Sarpa pattern as a gestalt, take on a darker theme. The presence of a debilitated Jupiter on the nodal axis may help assuage the trouble somewhat, but it can’t reverse the tide.

The nodes have the power to act as proxies for whatever planets they’re linked to – by association, aspect or rulership. In Maxwell’s case, the Moon and Saturn loom large because they are both associates and dispositors. Once we understand that, we need to take a closer look at the role those two planets play in her chart, and what relationship they have with each other.

The Moon is a powerful 3rd house lord. Among other things, it rules (a) desire because the 3rd is one of the three kamasthanas – 3rd, 7th, and 11th – and (b) the courage to act on one’s desires, whether sexual or more generic, as when one desires to be rich or famous or powerful. But because Rahu accompanies the Moon, such desires can be corrupted, subject to the twisting and turning of the serpentine nodes.

Saturn is a powerful 9th house lord. Among other things, it rules (a) morality because the 9th is one of the three dharmasthanas – 1st, 5th, and 9th – and (b) father figures and mentors of influence. Again, because Ketu accompanies Saturn, both morals and father figures can be corrupted by the nodes, all the more so since a debilitated Jupiter, the very karaka of dharma, acts like a rotten apple in the barrel. And what a woman learns from her father (9th house) influences her relationships with other men throughout her life.

Now consider the involvement of these two nodal dispositors in yogas. The Moon opposite Jupiter forms a mixed-strength Kesari yoga, essentially the mark of a schmoozer who’s comfortable in a meet-and-greet, sales-and-marketing role. At the other end of the axis is 9th lord Saturn with 11th lord Jupiter, forming a mixed-strength Dhana yoga. In Ghislaine’s case, her wealth comes courtesy the estate of her late father, media magnate and financial fraudster Robert Maxwell.

Finally, consider the mutual aspect between the Moon and Saturn. Although this doesn’t form any immediately recognizable classical yoga, it is a signature for passion. Passion combos can be summed up as any “cross-contamination” between the “ladies” (Moon and Venus) and the “bad boys” (Mars and Saturn) of the zodiac. Here we have a powerful pair, the Moon and Saturn, in face-to-face contact via their mutual aspect.

This theme is reinforced by Ghislaine’s robust stellium of four planets in the 8th house. In and of itself, this is a remarkable cluster that contains no less than five Raja yogas and one Dhana yoga, but key among this group are Mars and Venus, the requisite pair of male/female partners that further substantiates the passion theme. This gains even more momentum when we note that these two planets are also the 1st and 7th lords, ruling the Self and the Other, while their association in the 8th house is virtually a formula for sexual transactions and/or commerce. For bonus points, note how Mars also aspects the Moon, yet another male/female contact.

Because Mars is combust, this aggravates the whole 8th house cluster, metaphorically suggesting an itch that must be scratched, although ultimately this could be to the detriment of the Other, since it’s the 7th lord that is combust. This is all the more significant, since Maxwell is now in her Mars dasha, when the karmic consequences of a combust kama lord of the 7th in a scandal-themed dusthana (the 8th) must inevitably find its outlet in the ruination of some Other(s).

Ironically, many venomous snakes are immune to the poison of their own species. So, when you stir up a nest of vipers, they may strike blindly in all directions, but harm none of their own. Yet, because they live among us, they threaten collateral damage.

Gentlemen, put your lawyers on retainer.


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